Our story

including spoiler alert!

So here is the section where you get all the blah blah blah about the story behind our pub’s name.

It’s 2007, season 6, episode X when Tony plans to have dinner at a diner with his family. As Meadow arrives at the door, the screen cuts to Tony. The diner door opens with a bell ringing, Tony looks up and the show smash cuts to black; after a few seconds, the credits roll in silence…

what if,
the show came up with a 7th season?

For sure, we would have seen the FBI entering the diner.
Tony would have made a run to the gents, where off course, there would have been a small window through which he could have escaped…
But then what?

Here’s our guess:
He would have gone to Newark Liberty Airport and for sure have taken the first flight to the Netherlands.
And no doubt, as he arrived in Amsterdam, the total distress and disappointment strikes him and makes him take the first train leaving the platform: to Utrecht.
As Tony walks along the Utrecht canals, he’s overwhelmed by a nostalgic state of mind. Longing for the warm fuzzly feeling of his Italian-American roots, he comes across a tiny pub that nowadays he refers to call home: Badabing!

So…there it is…some random bs about what could have happened..